Cans All Day (single)

by Random Patterns

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Cans All Day. Recorded at the Hobby Shop in Highland Park. Produced by Random Patterns and Mudrock. Recorded and Mixed by Mudrock.


One extended morning rise. Hands out, arms vertical. Torso and legs quivering as muscles
release the pent up tension. Bleary eyes fresh in dustylight.
Sometimes it really feels
new. Warmth helps.Where we started was warm. Remember this. Last night's rain, a day
Last night’s fall, a day dream.Last night's slip, soft now. God, that grass felt good.
We were so wet on the ride home, legs splayed wide so petals could spin.
We teased the
night with delirious words, the blades of grass now clinging to the nape of our necks. You
could almost lick them off.
It seemed safe there, salty and weird, but not like it could
hurt.It would taste like what tomorrow tastes like during memories of yesterday. Itching to
come, itching to be good.
This is the last time twelve hours ago will be so close and so clear.
Tonight will cast doubt on yesterday.
I don't remember how it started but I remember
staring at the river, cans playing in the current.

-Noah Wolf, Man of Ubiquity


released June 20, 2011




Random Patterns Los Angeles, California

jamming household appliances. the invitriolization of a robot. a digital hangover. confessions of a city sidewalk. the last temptation of a flamingo. the future in 1990.a retired general surfing the web. when on and off collide.

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