Raw Luck (single)

by Random Patterns

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Have you heard the song yet?

Just listened to it whilst driving down the 10, windows down, blissed out.

I like Mike Allison's fantasy Nintendo lead parts.

"The ocarina of time".

They're getting a lot meaner and cockier with their arrangements which I like.

Not to draw comparisons, but Paranoid Android comes to mind. 'Where is the chorus?' 'Does it matter?' This is a compliment. (emojicon drawing of Mike Allison playing the mystical ocarina of time) Chris' vocals always pleasantly pleading, they're now matched with his detached honesty. The acoustic guitar affirms it's shimmery glory early.

(laughing in response to the emoji) Yeah, it's really cool to see them come together even more as a group as their unique voices continue to grow. I'm fighting the urge to draw an emoji landscape of them. Always so friendly sounding! They should do that thing with the fans and sheets again.

Do not fight the urge!

There's no emoji for keyboard and I don't want to draw them all holding iPhones. Who's this? (emoji clearly depicting Chris)

Duh…that's Dad/Chris! This is degenerating into a game of emoji charades. You were right to resist the urge. (emoji depicting Mickey)

Yeah, we owe them greater respect. Oh, and that's Mickey. I still really want to do that live supergroup thing with them.

They'd really be slumming.

We would look like old guys. (emoji of Mike and Jimmy as old guys with guitars) 'Here, sonny. Let me put that in Drop D for you.' What about that show last night? I felt icky up there.

I want my acoustic guitar back. You were too far. I don't want to play the electric again!!!!

The Lameness of Electric Guitar is one of our guiding principles!! I really botched my own guitar thing last night which was total poetic justice. Very Greek, really.
We deserved it. My resolve is redoubled. Is this something that could get handled tomorrow, or do I believe in unicorns?

Lemme check…Anyway, I think they're doing that cute "we're a tiny band" thing on Monday.
As if they could stand to get any cuter. There are only two potential formats for this type of gushy praise:

-wedding speech


… and pseudo-clever conversations like these. Three potential formats. I stand correcting myself.
This is where we get to talk about our charmingly similar hamstrung existential issues.

It's really f$%^ed up that we were asked to write this. It's emotional blackmail.

I hate how our quest for truth just ends up making bigger fools out of us.

Our morbid obsession with cleverness has never been more evident. We have once again turned the conversation to us rather than the song. The hole is deep enough. We should stop.

I think Mickey's gonna like it.

I hope he'll still like us.



released July 6, 2011
Recorded by Mudrock and Chase Meyer @ the Hobby Shop Studios in Highland Park, CA thehobbyshopstudios.com

Mixed by Mudrock

Produced by Mudrock and Random Patterns

Mastered by Dan Gerbarg



all rights reserved


Random Patterns Los Angeles, California

jamming household appliances. the invitriolization of a robot. a digital hangover. confessions of a city sidewalk. the last temptation of a flamingo. the future in 1990.a retired general surfing the web. when on and off collide.

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